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What is Rendr?

Rendr is a technology driven delivery solution offering consumers the ability to have all their orders delivered when it suits them. Consumers choose from the following delivery options: FAST (30 min - 3 hour delivery), FLEXIBLE (Same Day Delivery) or STANDARD (Overnight / Nationwide).

How does it work?

Once you have added products to your cart, you will see the Rendr Delivery options available at checkout. You will see the different delivery options and times as well as the associated costs for the different options. You can then choose which delivery option best suits you.

How do I cancel or reschedule a delivery?

For any queries regarding rescheduling or changing your delivery, please contact the help centre by visiting support.rendr.delivery or calling our customer support team on 1300 697 363.

Do I have to be home to accept my delivery?

We strongly recommend that you are home to accept the delivery, however if you are not home, our couriers will leave your products in a safe place. If the courier deems there to be no safe place to leave, our friendly customer support team will contact you to discuss what further action needs to be taken.

This could involve a redelivery, which may include an additional charge being incurred by the customer.

I received an incorrect item/order. What should I do?

If there is a missing item in your delivery, or you have received the incorrect delivery, you should please contact the Merchant to get the most up to date status of your order. 

How do I know when my order is on its way?

We will send you messages when the courier has picked up your order and when your order is about to arrive.

Can I track my order?

You will receive SMS notifications along the journey from order confirmation through to driver assignment and when your delivery is completed.

What if my delivery is late or does not arrive? 

Please contact the help centre by visiting support.rendr.delivery or calling our customer support team on 1300 697 363.

Are there any location limits?

Rendr can deliver products all across the nation! We will present to the customer in real time any available delivery methods based on your location. Delivery fee and services vary for each store based on your location, opening hours and other factors.

How do I exchange / return my order? 

Please contact the Merchant you purchased your item from to organise an exchange or return.

What if my product is broken or damaged?

If the product arrived broken or damaged please contact the help centre by visiting support.rendr.delivery or calling our customer support team on 1300 697 363.

Am I able to cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order please contact the Merchant you purchased from as soon as possible. However, once you have placed an Order and a Rendr Courier has arrived at the Collection Point, you will not be able to cancel the Order.

What times can I order?

You can order whenever it suits you. However, we will show you the available delivery options and drop off times at the time of making your order.

How does the delivery fee work?

For our Fast & Flexible services, the closer you are to the Merchant, the lower your delivery fee. Our Standard service, which offers nationwide delivery, we will find the best price available.

Once I have placed my order, can I change my delivery address?

Once the Merchant has booked the delivery, you will be unable to change the delivery address. Please contact our Customer Support Team on 1300 697 363 to change your address. If you request to change your delivery once it has been booked, you will incur additional charges.